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World-class tutoring and test prep
Tutoring online for your convenience, access to the best tutors, strong teaching methodology, individualized learning plans, and true personal care. Whether your child is struggling or is advanced, visit After School University.
Your child’s success in school and in life is our focus!

It is frustrating to see your child struggle in Math, English and/or other subjects. It’s hard to hear “I just don’t get it”, over and over. It is no less frustrating to watch your student being unchallenged and bored.

After School University takes any child, regardless of his/her level, and helps them to succeed and reach advanced levels of Mathematics, English and other subjects. Our one-on-one approach allows struggling students to quickly build confidence, fill in knowledge gaps, and reach their goals.

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Advanced Curriculum

There is no limit to knowledge with After School University!

Whether your child is an A+ student, is taking Advanced Placement and Honor classes, or is exceeding in certain subjects in school, After School University offers limitless opportunities for them to be challenged and advanced.

Many of our subjects are not present in the public school system, but are taught by After School University based on successful models used in after-school classes in Europe and Asia.

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Why After School University?

1. World’s Best Practices

After School University introduces comprehensive math & science topics much earlier than the US educational standards require. Our math & science tracks support your kid’s curiosity through rigor and an exciting environment.

2. Growth Mindset

At After School University, we are intentional about teaching your kids to think proactively, to make every day count, to be accountable for their success, to develop ways to overcome challenges, and to find love for learning.

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